Online Didn’t Kill The Video Star

The latest video from the band OK Go was released online on the 4th February and has already reached over 16,000,000 total views on YouTube as well as hundreds of blog posts and almost hundreds of thousands of Facebook shares.

They are most famous musically for their song “Get Over It” released in 2003, but their real fame came from their intricate music videos all filmed in one shot starting with “Here it Goes Again” which they also performed live at the MTV Awards in 2006.

From that point on they have been a shining example of how effective the digital world is at distributing good content.

Their most successful video to date is for “This too shall pass” featuring a Rube Goldberg machine designed and built by the band over the course of several months.To date it has had 34,000,000 views on YouTube, 1,900,000 shares on Facebook and 8,700 blog posts.

They are no strangers to partnering with brands- as the current video (which was made in partnership with Chevrolet) shows, and their incredibly impressive video for “All is not lost” which can only be properly viewed using Google’s Chrome browser.

Their use of digital for distribution is excellent and now the words “new video from OK Go” are enough to garner several million views within a number of days. But this is entirely due to the quality of the work. Every video has been expertly crafted (despite an intentionally very amateur feel to them) and have all had an inordinate amount of work and planning put into them.

If you build it, they will come – so long as what you build is impressive and people enjoy watching it.

Chris Nolan – Director

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